Youtube vp9 vs avc1

That's the job of video codec software. With 4K content,which has four times the resolution of HD, there is a need for new codecs that can deliver the quality of Ultra HD content, yet compress it down so all that data can fit within the bandwidth of people's home Internet connection and perhaps onto discs someday. With the VP9 codec, Google is working to fill that void.

Gis study material pdf

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Does sky q interfere with wifi

I was watching the footie on one of my Sky Q mini boxes tonight when the picture started to freeze and I once again saw the dreaded blue screen, telling me there was a connectivity issue. At first I thought that my solution had perhaps finally failed me, but a quick investigation revealed that my daughter had accidentally connected her Amazon Fire stick to the Sky hub, rather than the new AP. A quick switch to the correct WiFi point and everything was fine. To my mind this absolutely proves that the Sky Router must be to blame here.